New Project

StarshineSitting out in the hammock one evening, staring at the stars, an idea came to me. It formed and formed some more, and in just a few minutes I knew I had another project. I’ve code-named it “Starshine” for now. This story involves the stars and plays with the notion that we’re not being told everything about space, technology, and those “oofohs” that everybody’s always talking about.

With Starshine, I am using an outline, something I did not do with S7.  I have had a fear of outlining – my previous attempts fell flat – so I was pleasantly surprised when it finally clicked and I was able to jot down the scenes, see the characters form, isolate conflict points, and generally massage a story into existence… all in outline form. Talk about a feeling of control. With S7, I was at the mercy of the muse of the moment, and divining plot and structure was an inexact science. With this outline, I have only to flesh out what I’ve imagined, allowing me more time on character, motivation, and keeping plot/action on target. In short, an outline gives my writing immediate purpose and more definitive satisfaction.

I’m enjoying the difference in both the process and the results. Starshine is more alive and fluid than S7 in its first draft form and will be much easier to edit and to read.

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