Just the Beginning

And I thought it was bad in October of last year when the corrupt Democrats cheated Bernie Sanders of the chance of becoming president. The surprise election of Donald Trump and the ensuing gorging on America by the greediest men on planet Earth makes October look like a stubbed toe by comparison. The world on fire feeling from October was premonitory – Trump’s poised to help kick off WW3 and the military-industrial complex is simply creaming their jeans over it. And this is just the beginning.

But I digress. If writing was hard before, it’s more so now and that’s not just a convenient excuse, it’s my reality. I’m seriously having to try hard to disassociate myself from the goings-on of our madmen-staffed government in an attempt to engage my imagination in the work of writing. That’s not easy when I tend to care about right and wrong and the future world of my kids and grandkids – hell, everyone’s kids and their futures. Seeing the wasted opportunity by those in power is soul-killing. The opportunity to make the entire world a better place – to heal using social and economic policies that actually make sense – is just not on their calendar. I think that’s because kindness, compassion, and humanity is not in their DNA. They are of a breed of animal devoid of such traits. It is not debatable – the proof is in their actions and policies. Yes, that is opinion but its a damn strongly merited one.

I’m writing Starshine and finding it hard to not want to incorporate today’s bizarre takeover of America in the story. It’s like I want to address all this and have justice actually prevail. I want to remedy real life with fiction and yikes, does that set off alarms. I mean, what do people do in real life now? They flip over to Facebook, turn on Netflix, or dive elsewhere into the internet to be entertained. They remedy the ills wrought from facing real life by engaging in fictions or at least things superficial. It actually kind of bothers me to read the news then look at what people are doing/posting on Facebook. The contrast is so harsh and vivid that I instantly think of Facebook as a form of brainwashing and feel resentment at everyone for burying their heads in its sand. Yet, here I am, trying to invent a fictional world, wanting to stick our real life problems in it and have those problems solved… creating a happy-ish ending. How escapist is that?

And that dilemma is just part of the inner landscape that my creative mind paints for me tonight. Off topic? I’m certainly not getting my story written. If this sounds like a rehashed version of October’s post, that’s because it’s the same environment, just amplified. I can’t stand corruption. I believe too strongly in doing the right thing and am tweaked when I see others doing the wrong thing and getting away with it.

So, wish me luck with the disassociation effort – it will be a requirement in actually finishing Starshine.