Onward, go…!

The universe has shifted once more and I am the recipient of a gift… more time to write and more reasons to write.

So what’s it like? I feel the pulse of the characters, the deck beneath their feet, the eyes of their pursuers on their neck, and their need to reach their goals. I see the arcs of their stories, their developing character, and how they affect one another. I can hold the Defender-class starcraft in my hands and walk its narrow center passageway between the bridge and the galley for an impromptu crew meeting. I can see the vapor trail of Comet Encke and feel the Bangor’s probe thrust beneath its surface to withdraw a soil sample. I know the secrets of GCom and how it has hidden its space militarization program from ESSA and Earth’s leadership. And I know how desperate they are to perfect faster than light travel and why. And at the vague periphery of my senses, I suspect the Others have a message waiting for humanity, one that can only be felt, not delivered.

I’m reminded once again that everything happens for a reason.


Coming up on the 2nd year

In August it will have been 2 years since I started Starshine. As I pointed out in previous entries, the political upheaval since last year has been a major detractor from my drive for writing. Like a deer caught in headlights, I’ve been unable to look away from the implications of developments in the U.S. and abroad. I still find it difficult, but I am slowly resigning myself to the fact that this brand of corruption is just different (more obtuse) than the brands before it. I’m slowly resigning myself to the fact that there are no heroes for justice that will move in and fix things. It’s an uncomfortable resignation, to say the very least, because it is what the corrupt want and expect – and that bugs me something fierce.

There are a great many other factors in my stymied writing effort, none so negative. Work, my relationship, my kids, my house, dogs, and the various other elements to life. I’ve been turning inwards towards spirituality, to my spirit and self, after many years of largely ignoring it. From that, perspective has shifted and a new balance has begun to emerge. And from that, my native interest in storytelling has resurfaced as a focus. Writing is, above all else, the creation of worlds and as such, creation of a temporary escape from this one. There is a draw there that has been rekindled. I hope to foster the flame in the days and months ahead and finish Starshine.

At this point, the story remains at about the halfway mark, at a little over 100 pages. I promised myself it would not grow and ramble like System Seven did. So far it’s fairly tight, plot nimble, and character rich – certainly by comparison. So: an improvement. The other key improvement I want for Starshine is time to completion. S7 took over ten years. I want Starshine in less than three. And the next novel in one.

Onward, ho…