And now… 3 years…

I wanted to finish Starshine in three years. Next month, it will be three. I’m at 138 pages, with a target between 180 and 200. The progression of the story itself (where it is at by the 138th page) I’m happy with. I have not outlined to the end… something that I may have to do in order to expedite completion. Relying solely on the midnight muses isn’t working(!)

I’ve spent a lot of the last year working and playing hard. New relationship, adventures, new hobbies, travel, etc. There are a dozen and one other excuses why I haven’t been writing, but they are not worth mentioning. The hard truth is becoming more apparent now – if I want to be a writer, I need to set aside time for writing. Simple: do or do not. Success in writing never comes from wanting it. It comes from doing it. 

So we’ll see how much I want it, of course. Time will be the judge, as always.

Onward, go…!

The universe has shifted once more and I am the recipient of a gift… more time to write and more reasons to write.

So what’s it like? I feel the pulse of the characters, the deck beneath their feet, the eyes of their pursuers on their neck, and their need to reach their goals. I see the arcs of their stories, their developing character, and how they affect one another. I can hold the Defender-class starcraft in my hands and walk its narrow center passageway between the bridge and the galley for an impromptu crew meeting. I can see the vapor trail of Comet Encke and feel the Bangor’s probe thrust beneath its surface to withdraw a soil sample. I know the secrets of GCom and how it has hidden its space militarization program from ESSA and Earth’s leadership. And I know how desperate they are to perfect faster than light travel and why. And at the vague periphery of my senses, I suspect the Others have a message waiting for humanity, one that can only be felt, not delivered.

I’m reminded once again that everything happens for a reason.